Theycall me the "The Lyrical Fine Artist" because I often write poems and

stories, to accompany the artwork I create. I aspire my art work to be

spontaneous, momentous and dynamic, infused with the passion I have for

life. I like to use mix media to bring forth the complexity of life's

profound moments. I believe this helps bring depth into my work. At

times I may start a painting, or sketch and then capture it into my

computer to enhance it digitally. I am part of the "digital generation,"

it swims in my veins. I am like the pianist who uses the piano, to

create music. I play the computer like an instrument and let the

creativity flow as I work. I also love feeling the brush in my hand,

stroking the canvas with pigments, I will never abandon that process

completely. The computer allows my flurry thoughts to bring forth

directness of intent, much more rapidly, capturing the moment.

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  • Thank you Michael, for the kind comment, much appreciated!
  • Very intriguing addition to your artwork - thank you for sharing.
  • Happy top hear that! Thanks
  • Thanks for featuring my video, excellent platform this site for sharing.
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