Susan Pascal left a comment for Elisabetta Errani Emaldi
"Thank You!!!"
Jan 15, 2010
Susan Pascal left a comment for James With
"Thank you! Same here."
May 15, 2009
Susan Pascal left a comment for Iain Alexander
"Just sent you a copy."
Apr 18, 2009
Susan Pascal left a comment for Iain Alexander
"Nothing on Facebook. I'm still building my network and will soon be adding a store. Did you get my newsletter?"
Apr 18, 2009
Susan Pascal left a comment for Roy-M.Martens
"Thank you for your warm welcome. I am sure I will enjoy it here."
Mar 27, 2009
Susan Pascal left a comment for Christoph Heckenbücker
"I am already. Thank you!"
Mar 24, 2009
Susan Pascal left a comment for Christoph Heckenbücker
"Thank you for your invitation of friendship. I don't think I will be able to attend this year. I am looking forward to following all of the activities planned on this site."
Mar 24, 2009

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  • Hi Susan

    I notice you are experienced in Public Relations and I hope you don't mind me reaching out.

    We are seeking a celebrity to be an ambassador for our start-up Foundation - if this is something you'd be interested in helping us with please visit our website for more info.

    Our vision is to disrupt poverty in developing mountain communities through the creation of markets at the bottom of the economic pyramid. If not for you could you please suggest someone to help us?

  • Hey Susan,
    thank you for your friendship.
    I thought you might like this video. We produced some 30 live real-time shows over the Internet in a one month period. That's a 1 hour program 7 days a week for 4 weeks. There are more edited shows on my page.
    These shows were to promote up and coming artists and give them a voice in the music industry that is so hard to crack.
    I have decided to start this project up again, but this time for mobile phones as well.

    Cheers David


    Civision Hosts
  • Thanks Susan, wanted to introduce ourselves and tell you about a few projects we are working on and also to see if you wanted to be interviewed by our 15 yr old daughter Monica for E-Talk Canada about her goal of raising 1 million for thanks, Mark
  • are you at TIFF this year? cheers, Mark
  • Susan, a pleasure and wishing you the best with everything, hope to catch up with you soon, cheers, James ;)


  • I didn't unfortunately...You can send it to if you like. Would love to see what your up to.
  • How are you doing Susan? Any recent successes on facebook? :)
  • really pleased to know you !
  • Thank you for the add, Enjoy your next 4 minutes and 37 seconds on us

    and ... please tell friends...
This reply was deleted.