George Monteiro left a comment for Chelsea Zotta
"Hi Chelsea,
thanks for the friend request. How goes the search for a literary agent? I am considering doing the same but since I am self producing my first feature I am not sure that is a necessary step for me. I do have several other scripts I am…"
Dec 22, 2011
George Monteiro commented on George Monteiro's video
"Thanks for the wishes EB. Things are progressing slowly but surely. We should have some announcements soon. "
Dec 18, 2011
George Monteiro commented on George Monteiro's video
"That's a good sign. Those of us who spend a lot of time in the water with these creatures, especially the sharks, start taking them for granted after a while and can no longer predict how an audience will react."
Nov 30, 2011
George Monteiro commented on George Monteiro's video
"Thanks Celia, My first experience diving with whales was on the Big Island. You could say I got hooked. We shat the majority of the trailer in the Dominican Republic where the Atlantic humpback whales spend the winter and raise their young. I hope…"
Nov 29, 2011
George Monteiro commented on Roy-M.Martens's video
"Great footage! While you're busy terrorizing the bad guys my goal is to get people to fall in love with the victims. In this case a beautiful mother and baby humpback who star in my film in pre-production entitled "Johanna and the Whale" To view my…"
Nov 6, 2011
George Monteiro posted a video
This is the official concept teaser for "Johanna and the Whale", an independent feature film produced and directed by George Monteiro, JW Productions, LLC Fo...
Nov 6, 2011
George Monteiro posted photos
Nov 2, 2011

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  • sorry for the lateness do not get on here much

    we started reading the script yesterday, just 2 words  LOVING IT

  • We have just been approved to start a group on called the Horror Machine

    Horror Machine is a group made specifically for horror filmmakers to discuss filmmaking, distribution, production, investments and has something big in its horizon

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  • george,

    trailers that make you think a film is done, that is what you have.. They should all have a ending, available for full production or something like that.. 

    You could get the cam out again and start to shoot parts until you have it ready.. The most expencive part with the fish.. ha, i call them fish, but that expence is over.. So it would be distribtuion deal if it was done.. but as it is, you want to make the whole film. Do you have a package, and who is in it, or is that open, who is the director, or it is that open or locked down.. Money might want to shoot it via american sytle to get USA major distribution..

    What is the estimated budget?


    So let me know on all this, and if you can email me directly is better.. But every time i post an email, i get a bunch of mails i rather not or deals from Nigeira..


    So shortest way to give you my email is on this profile its there or go to one of my sites and send a note, it will be a form, so do make a note. Go to  short forms there.. oh, or send me your email in one of these notes.



  • Not like I am not to busy already, but might have someone that i could interest in this film. What a title with the same as a film concept that is even true to the title and the girl gets swallowed by a whale.

    My associated did Soul Surfer.



This reply was deleted.